Mp3tag 2.9

Simple software tool that allows you to edit metadata in most common video formats

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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Mp3tag 2.9
Mp3tag 2.54

MP3Tag is a piece of software designed to edit meta data for your music collection.

Anyone who uses a computer or MP3 player to listen to digital music knows that it can be a bit annoying to have songs with incomplete information in your library. If you are like most users, you want to keep your music organized with the proper album and track names simply because of the sense of satisfaction that comes with having fully tagged music. Such organization also looks better through the media player, and it makes it much easier to manage playlists. It might seem like a pointless task to tag each audio file you own, but you can easily find software like MP3Tag to help streamline the process.

Meta data is really nothing more than information about an audio file that isn't actually included in the audio file itself. This might include the name of the album on which the song is found, the name of the song itself, the artist's name, the length of the song, its digital size, and associated artwork. With MP3Tag, you can alter this data in almost any way that you wish. With the app, you can create playlists, export or import existing tag info, rename files to better fit information found in the tag, and replace portions of the file names or tags.

Unlike other apps of this style, MP3Tag is clean, small, and lighter on system resources. It has no issues performing at a high rate, and it is fast enough to handle the most intense jobs.

The name of this software is a bit misleading as well, but in a good way. Since the app is called MP3Tag, you might assume it only works with MP3 files. However, the software works with just about any audio format you might have in your system. On top of MP3s, you can use this software to edit meta data for MP4, AAC, Ogg, and Musepack files.

Thanks to the online database of song tags called FreeDB, the software can import information about your songs or albums and automatically add the data to the appropriate fields. This feature means that you'll no longer have to deal with annoying MP3 albums that load into your music library without any identifying information. In some cases, FreeDB returns meta data that isn't exactly accurate, but it still works better than manually inserting each data point yourself.

MP3Tag is a free piece of software, which is part of the reason why it has become so popular in the category. If you have a vast music library that desperately needs some attention and organization, MP3Tag is the way to go. Organization and recognition will become much easier once you have taken advantage of the power of this powerful software.


  • Light and Fast App
  • Integrated Splicing Tools
  • FreeDB Track Query


  • Inaccurate Album Look-Up
  • Minor User-Reported Bugs

It is time to conquer an unruly music collection with the power of mp3Tag. This ID3 tag editor can masterfully tackle any level of disorganization within an audio library. Batch editing has witnessed a revolution. That is, pesky metadata incongruencies cannot continue to pose any threats to a logical file arrangement.

The need to sift through tracks on an individual basis has been eliminated, and the timely chore has been switched from menial labor into a fun accomplishment. Separated windows will never be a part of musical placement again. All edits can take place within a single panel to resolve any mismatches or faulty labels.

This program's title makes it sound like functionality is limited to its eponymous function. Fortunately, the software is not restricted to fixing mp3 files. In fact, the programming applies to virtually every sound format. Even extension oddities are covered by the crafty core of this swift organization tool. Music aficionados will never have to worry again about dealing with outliers like OGG.

Configuring song properties can be a grueling chore, but the alternative of dealing with cluttered media is much worse. Now, PC users do not have to choose between investing hours of drudgery in a repetitive technical labor or suffering a mess. The interface is streamlined for simple access by all computer users. Fans of every musical genre abide by the efficiency of mp3Tag.

A lot of similar programs have biases toward certain types of music. They limit the availability of some genre options, which causes listeners to opt for the closest match. mp3Tag resolves these issues by exhibiting a total lack of auditory prejudice. On the rare chance that a type of music is not automatically included, the design allows for custom tagging and modified input.

The only shortcoming of this product is a lack of aesthetic design elements. Although functionality is through the roof, there are few indications that the software is more than a regular tab on the desktop. It opens in a manner that identically resembles every other PC window, but it can do so much more than a standard frame. This power should be properly represented by flashy artwork and catchy colors.

On the other hand, any extra visual features might subtract from the fluid speed of the software. Without any official images to load, it opens in a jiffy. This is good, especially because most computer owners have waited long enough to make their music collection neat. Now, the need for patience is over.

Orderly music collections are saintly, and an obsessive management mentality is no longer needed to create a supremely organized database. This luxurious program marks the end of procrastination!


  • Works with all audio formats
  • Streamlined for quick editing
  • Collective tagging removes most of the work
  • Offers multiple bit-rates


  • Misleading title (works with more than mp3s)
  • Little visual distinction from regular windows

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